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Newsletter - October, 2010

Hi, Friends,

I've just spent the last 3 days working on my web site with the help of my friend and cousin, Eddie Jones. Eddie is not only an author himself, he is a bonafide writing coach WritersCoach.US/workshops.html. If you are in need of some help with your writing, Eddie is your man. I hope you will find my web site changes a help in navigating my web site. For the last two years, my personal writing has been held at bay by life itself, but I'm beginning to pull ahead and feel energized to complete my second cookbook. Yes, I've also begun work of Book IV in the Between the Rivers series!

I have not been sitting around twiddling my thumbs, however! In addition a few health challenges, I have spent my time in the last two years in pursuit of a place on the National Register of Historic places for my beloved Penderlea. Following the publication of A Chosen Few, I became involved with The Penderlea Homestead Museum www.penderleahomesteadmuseum.org, a small museum housed in the home of Sue and Grey Murphy with whom I spent many pleasant summer hours in my young teen years. When my family moved to Penderlea in 1936, the Murphy family was already one of the "chosen few." They became my parent's best friends, and we stayed that way for years to come.

Getting on the National Register of Historic Places is no easy task, deserving or not. First, one must get on a "study list" with the NC Historic Preservation Office in Raleigh. If a historical building or community such as Penderlea is eligible, the next step is to hire a professional preservation consultant to conduct a survey to determine exactly what will be included in the historic district, as in the case of Penderlea. A second phase, consists of preparing the nomination itself, a scholarly endeavor that documents in minute detail the architectural and landscape details of the project. All of this, the architectural survey and the nomination, is done under the strict guidelines of the Historic Preservation Office and the US Department of the Interior.

In researching A Chosen Few, I uncovered a great deal of history unbeknownst to me prior to writing my novel. I knew Penderlea was unique, but I had no idea that it was the first of President Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal resettlement communities, nor that it represented a social movement of sorts. As a member of the Museum board of directors and instigator of the National Register project, I have learned even more about the importance of this small community in our country's history. I have also been able to contribute my writing skills to the effort, and that has given me great satisfaction.

Please make note of the price changes on my books. They are all $15 plus tax and postage. Also, I am available for your book clubs if they are in the daytime and within driving distance of my home in Cary. You may contact me at riverwriternc@gmail.net

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